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The Story of Pancho

The Story of Pancho

06 August, 2014


The Story of Pancho

My name is Pancho Panda. I was conceived in the minds of Frank & Evie in May 2001 in T’ainan, China, which is about 12 hours West of Beijing by train.

Actually, the mountain from which I was blasted off is quite famous. It is the same mountain that Confucius climbed and declared the world small. It is my goal to be as famous as my “natural father.”

When Frank and Evie first saw me, I was just a big chip off an old mountain. I weighed about 12,000 pounds. Since then, I have lost about 4,500 pounds. I now weigh only about 7,500 pounds. I am one solid piece of black granite.

I was trucked to Tsingtao (you know, like the beer), then I rode a slow boat to Los Angeles, California. My ticket was about $1,000.00. It cost me $500 by train to Phoenix.

Frank, Ron Stell, Eddie Shelton and Tina helped me to get down the sidewalk and into Chino’s at my present location. I was too big to fit through the door, so they had to tear out the wall to put me inside, then rebuild the wall. I have three brothers who are going to come to the United States in late 2003.

I like my job, and I will be pleased if you touch me, pat me, and rub me for good luck! I feel right at home because I am near the Great Wall of Chino!

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